Welcome to Sun of Seldo!

The @sunofseldo account on Twitter Mastodon tweets posts encouraging things every day during the darkest days of winter, usually about how much daylight there is left. This tool helps @seldo compose the tweets, and may help you if you want to do something similar!

How to use this app

(Please read all of these before starting!)

1. Log in with Twitter using a Twitter account you intend to send the tweets from.

Do not use your primary Twitter account, this app is a side project and has not been security audited and I do not want responsibility for access keys to your personal Twitter account.

2. Click "change location" and drag the map until you're exactly where you want it to be. Latitude (north-south) is what affects the length of the day, but longitude (east-west) will automatically select the right time zone for you.

Be careful dragging the map too much; Twitter rate-limits this operation. If the app suddenly logs you out you've been rate-limited; wait 15 minutes and it will let you back in.

3. Enter tweets! You can click on any date to change it. Hitting Enter will save a tweet and move to the next one. Hitting Shift+Enter will save the tweet and go to the previous one if you find it easier to work backwards.

The app will give you suggestions about important events and milestones each day, and you can check @sunofseldo's tweets from previous years for examples of tweets people found particularly cheerful.